ColdHarbour Marine

Coldharbour Marine Limited, based in Alfreton in the United Kingdom can trace its origins back more than 35 years.

Our products and designs have been used extensively in both the marine and offshore sectors over many years. Now, for the first time we are bringing all our products together under one brand name.

Engineering Excellence

Our focus is on engineering excellence combined with the intelligent application of rugged, advanced technologies into extreme environments. We make it our business to understand our customers' requirements and then to provide genuinely practical solutions to their technical problems.

We are continually developing and enhancing our products in response to changing operational and legislative pressures. Moreover, we try to give our customers the advantage of our forward thinking by future proofing our technologies wherever possible. Real examples of this approach include:

  • The new Coldharbour range of 3rd generation Inert Gas Generators which are cleaner, more compact and designed to be maintenance free in normal operation
  • Quench Scrubber The new Coldharbour range of patented, ultra compact quench scrubber systems
  • Domestic Water Module Fully integrated Domestic Water Modules for the distribution of hot and cold water on ships
  • Ballast Water Treatment Effective Ballast Water Treatment systems that address current and future environmental requirements

Industrial Controls and Automation's involvement began in February 2012 with a request to assist in the software authoring of a series of networked Siemens S7-1200 PLC's using Siemens new programming tool 'Portal'. ICA's experience with this new package proved to be the right solution for ColdHarbour.

We, as a company, have built a strong relationship with their engineers over the past four months and hope that this relationship will be a long standing one.

Please return for more information on the technical aspect of this project later this year.

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