SKF, Heaton II, Gothenburg, Sweden


The company:- “SKF was founded in 1907 and grew at a rapid rate to become a global company. As early as 1920, the company was well established in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Africa. Today, SKF is represented in more than 130 countries. The company has more than 100 manufacturing sites and also sales companies supported by about 15,000 distributor locations. SKF also has a widely used e-business marketplace and an efficient global distribution system.”Industrial Controls and Automation have been contracted to complete the software and commissioning of a £8M heat treatment plant at SKF, Gothenburg. Having been involved with SKF from as early as 2002, employees at Industrial Controls and Automation were ideally placed to continue the work of Wellman Furnaces Ltd when they went into administration in October 2009. The plant, designed by Wellman is able to heat treat up to 1 million bearing rings per year in varying sizes from 80mm – 1200mm diameter and up to 540mm high. This equates to approximately 13,000 tons of bearings per year.

The control system scope covers the plant from the infeed robot handling system to the outfeed robots. Rings are transported using cast trays through the system and in and out of molten salt baths by the use of a Güdel gantry system consisting of two twelve ton gantry cranes. The knowledge of heat treatment systems within Industrial Controls and Automation was also a great benefit to SKF and played a big part in their decision making process.

The plant, which is in the early stages of production trials, consists of some 2000 IO points controlled via nine S7-300 and 400 PLC’s. Plant safety is fully integrated using S7-Distributed Safety PLC’s and Wago remote IO racks. Controlling the recipe data and other control functions is a redundant WinCC v6.2 application which is designed to accommodate future expansion of the plant.

The directors and staff of Industrial Controls and Automation are very proud to be supporting this project, enabling SKF to move forward in the life of this new production line.



Control Panels at SKF

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