PLC Upgrades

Are you Gambling with System and Machine Reliability?

Manufacturers often find themselves in a position where their current control system and hardware setups are no longer supported by manufacturers. When failure occurs this can result in major downtime and production loss whilst replacement parts are sourced (if possible) and programmed.

Industrial Controls and Automation Ltd can offer a solution to this problem. With previous experience of upgrading "end-of-life" systems to the latest software and hardware solutions, customers can once again feel confident that their system is not at risk of extensive downtime and production loss due to legacy equipment failure.

ICA Ltd can offer a complete upgrade package to customers including;

  • Survey (including meetings about how best to approach the upgrading of the systems)
  • Engineering of new systems to support customer requirements
  • Software Upgrade/Re-development
  • Installation
  • Commissioning and further support

Please do not hesitate to contact ICA Ltd to discuss your upgrade requirements.

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