ICA Heat Treatment

ICA engineers specialise in the design and manufacture of control solutions for combustion systems, electric heating and material handling systems for the heat treatment industry.

Our engineers have more than 40 years experience of control system design for:-

  • Bogie hearth furnaces
  • Mesh belt furnaces
  • Carburising furnaces
  • Lift off furnaces
  • Roller hearth furnaces
  • Kilns
  • Endothermic Generators
  • Furnace Atmosphere Systems
  • Oil Quenches
  • Water/Air Quenches
  • Salt Quenches

We have developed combustion sequence software for accurate temperature control, utilising dynamic burner pule firing to maintain good temperature uniformity within the furnace zones. This software works in conjunction with either Kromschroder or WS Profibus DP burner control units. This enables the control system to display status signals including the flame strength in µA and fives excellent visualisation of the operational status of the combustion system away from the plant floor.

Atmosphere software is available for each PLC based carbon potential control. This facilitates a more integrated approach and removes the need for costly stand alone controllers.

For more information of what ICA can offer your company, please call 01283 210806

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