Thermal Imaging Surveys

Deteriorating electrical equipment and components can and eventually will result in downtime! More often than not this downtime will occur at the worst time possible. Industrial Controls and Automation Ltd can support customers in identifying and replacing failing components before this inevitable downtime occurs.

ICA Ltd have the knowledge and skills to carry out on-site Thermal Imaging Surveys across all of your control systems. This can lead to the creation of in-depth thermal reports which can aid in system maintenance.

The Thermal Imaging Service can be beneficial in reducing spiralling maintenance costs, system breakdowns and costly downtime.

Our trained engineers are on hand to offer you the correct solution, specifically catered to your unique needs. This can be via a one-off survey or as an ongoing inspection contract.

ICA offer the initial survey as standard with all of their new control panel projects but are also available to survey old installations that may require upgrading.

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